Pears lined up ready to meet their become next year's PERRY!
The large pears are Cambridgeshire eating pears and
the small ones are mostly perry pears from Cambridgeshire - yes
they do exist, and they are often almost spherical and love to roll away.
As anyone who has ever made perry knows, "there's many a slip
twixt cup and lip" so we're keeping our fingers crossed for this batch
as it shows a lot of promise.
Potton Press Cider
"When I can't afford Champagne I drink real cider. When I can afford Champagne...I drink real cider." JW, Potton Press

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At Potton Press we make a range of award-winning ciders and perries using traditional methods. We only ever use the pure juice of freshly pressed local apples and pears. We pick fruit from our own orchard together with a range of different apples and pears from nearby orchards in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

After picking the fruit is washed, milled and juiced using a gentle process that uses only mains water pressure. The resulting juice is rich and sweet, almost clear and very fruity. Fermentation of the juice is a slow process and we like to use the natural yeasts present on the apples for this as it gives the mature cider a richer and more complex flavour. After fermentation the cider is left to mature for many months, to allow the wonderful flavours and aromas to develop.

We are based in the lovely village of Steeple Morden in South Cambridgeshire and our ciders and perries can be found at most local and national beer festivals, as well as in an expanding number of local and not so local pubs. If you would like some of our ciders for your festival, pub or licenced event, please contact us using the form on page 3. A list of outlets will be published here soon.

What the experts say...

CAMRA judges comments, East Anglian Cider Competition, Norwich 2012:

"An inviting spirit aroma and a very balanced complex flavour. A long finish with different flavours and good woodland tastes – very autumnal."
Potton Press "Happy Medium" Cider, 2nd place.

CAMRA judges comments, East Anglian Bottled Cider Competition, Cambridge 2012:

"A lovely fresh and fruity aroma with a rich, balanced warming spiritous flavour. There's a long lasting clean dry finish that's very refreshing"

Potton Press "Happy Medium" Cider, 2nd place.

CAMRA Great British Beer and Cider Festival, Olympia, London 2012:

PUBLIC VOTE for best cider at the festival. First Place Cider - Potton Press "Sweet Spot"




  Awarded to Potton Press Cider 2017...speaks for itself!









Bedfordshire cider
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